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A beautiful and elegant wedding does not have to be inexpensive. Weddings in Las Vegas, Nevada are very popular worldwide and there's many low-cost wedding venues that are beautiful and memorable. Las Vegas knows how to party, but they also know how to put on a once in a lifetime wedding. This article offers some popular options for a low-cost wedding venue in Las Vegas.
Published by Sandy James 62 months ago in Weddings | +22 votes | 7 comments
There are times when we have to think about resigning from a company and this article focuses on resignation tips that will help you leave with dignity. As you move forward in your career path, these resignation tips will keep you positive and focused for your next position. The resignation tips listed are beneficial to all employees and all types of industries.
Published by Sandy James 62 months ago in Business Etiquette | +18 votes | 2 comments
When spring approaches, the songbirds begin arrivng to our backyards with the hopes of building nests and raising their young. You can help them find nesting materials by offering some very common items around the house. This article explains what those common nesting materials are and how to attract backyard birds to them.
Published by Sandy James 65 months ago in Birds | +40 votes | 17 comments
If you've always wanted a vegetable garden but been afraid to design one, here's some easy to care for vegetable plants that are proven winners. You shouldn't have any problems growing any of these vegetables and they all yield nice, fresh tasting vegetables. After growing your first vegetable garden, you'll be hooked for years year to come!
Published by Sandy James 65 months ago in Vegetable Gardening | +30 votes | 18 comments
Planning a special occasion dinner for just the two of you or for a group of people can sometimes be challenging.  Local grocery stores may not have the high-quality meats that you desire for your special occasion.  That's where Stock Yards can make a huge difference in your selection of meats and instant approval from your dinner guests.  Offering high-quality USDA Prime and USDA Choice cuts of beef for over 100 years, Stock Yards will satisfy your desire to serve the very b...
Published by Sandy James 65 months ago in Food & Cooking | +14 votes | 11 comments
There are different pros and cons to purchasing clay pots and plastic pots. This article focuses on the main uses of these pots as well as some things that need to be considered when purchasing a pot. The climate you live in, the type of plant that's going in the pot, and your physical condition are all key factors in deciding on which type of pot to purchase.
Published by Sandy James 66 months ago in Gardening | +27 votes | 20 comments
Russian Sage is a non-native plant that is growing in popularity due to its low maintenance and hardiness. It adapts well to a variety of different soils including clay and is a fast growing mid-size shrub. It's low cost makes it a great addition to the landscape. Once planted in your yard, you'll understand why Russian Sage is a favorite among gardeners.
Published by Sandy James 66 months ago in Gardening | +20 votes | 14 comments
Groundcovers are popular plants in gardens and landscapes as they fill in spaces and add texture to the yard. There are many groundcovers available and with so many choices, it's sometimes difficult to choose just one. This article highlights my short list of tried-and-true perennial groundcovers that attract bees and butterflies and look great in the landscape.
Published by Sandy James 66 months ago in Gardening | +19 votes | 12 comments
Quilting has long been a tradition in our country. Today, it's more of a hobby than it is a necessity and many people are quilting. If you'd like to learn how to quilt or if you'd like a few suggestions on improving your quilting skills, this article is for you. As a quilter, most of my learning has come from these suggestions and I'm involved in all of them.
Published by Sandy James 66 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +18 votes | 9 comments
Horticulturists around the globe surprise us every year with new colors and varieties of our favorite flowers. This year is no different, and I've listed the five choices by Fleuroselect for their Gold Medal Awards in 2012. All of these award winning flowers are available online or at your local nursery.
Published by Sandy James 66 months ago in Gardening | +13 votes | 5 comments
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